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Best Bunny Hutches

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Buying the right hutch for your darling bunny could be a tricky task. As rabbits have a considerable long life span, it is wise that you invest on the best rabbit hutches so that the critter can enjoy the comfort of its home all throughout its lifetime. Hutches for rabbits are available in different sizes, and are made of different materials. Indoor and outdoor hutches are also available in the market. You will have to check what are your requirements and expectations from the hutch are before you buy one.

Bunny Hutch

Type of floor

When it comes to bunny hutches, there are different floor options that are available. There are hutches made of wire floors which are easy to clean, but not very comfortable for the poor animal. To make the wire floor comfortable for the animal, you will have to spread out straws on it, which makes the cleaning process very difficult going forward.

Another type of floor option that is available with bunny hutches is the solid floor. Although the cleaning of these hutches can only be done after taking the rabbit out of its home, but looking at the comfort of the pet, the solid floor hutches are more preferred by many pet owners.

Size of the hutch

Although it would depend a lot on the space where you would be keeping the bunny hutch, but the general formula of determining the size of the rabbit hutch is that it should be four times the size of the rabbit. The larger the hutch, the more comfortable would it be for the rabbit, though.

As rabbits are very restless animals by nature, they would love it if their hutch is a two-story once. That would give them some opportunity to play around within the hutch. If getting a two-story hutch is not possible, you can at least fix some shelves inside the single story hutch so that the rabbit can enjoy jumping on and off that as a pastime activity.

Safety factors

If the hutch is kept indoors where it would not be accessible by the predators, you so not have to worry much about the material of the hutch. However, if it has to be kept outside the house under the elements, it is important that the materials are capable of withstanding the extreme weather conditions.

Along with the weather factor, you would need to ensure that the wires or the other materials that are used to make the rabbit hutch would provide enough security to the animal against coyotes, cats, and dogs, if there are any in your neighborhood.

While choosing the best rabbit hutches, you may want to look for those ones that come with an additional storage compartment. That would help you keep the items that would be needed by the rabbit. These items would include the food, toys, straws and hays etc. Choosing the right home for your pet may not be a very quick activity, as it requires a lot of research and studying of reviews before getting the best one. As a kindhearted pet lover, you would certainly not mind investing that much time to give the most comfortable home to your adored pet.